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Product Range

For integrative cancer treatment, we offer a large number of plant-based preparations. Our wide range of host trees, dosages and a product line with the addition of metal salts helps us to respond to many patients’ needs.

We also produce aqueous mistletoe drops, a cream based on fat-soluble mistletoe components, and a preparation from Icelandic moss. Please note: Our product range may vary in different countries.

Product Range
Mistletoe Injections

The approved medicinal product information is published on www.swissmedicinfo.ch (Switzerland) and www.pharmnet-bund.de (Germany).

Further information

Further Information for Healtcare Professionals

More information about our remedies is accessible to healthcare professionals in the designated Professionals Section. Patients should always consult their treating healthcare professional prior to treatment and discuss the further procedure and any therapeutic options with them.