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In contrast to the apple tree, which has roots that mostly stay close to the surface, the oak strives deep into the ground with its taproot system. Strongly connected to the earth, it is also considered a “tree of life”: Oaks become very old and are therefore a symbol for eternal life. They convey a sensation of strength and resilience. Their vast crowns create a habitat for many different animals.

Very few oak trees are friendly towards mistletoe, which presents a major challenge for the cultivation of oak mistletoes. Thanks to decades of research and experience, we are now able to cultivate a large number of mistletoe-friendly oaks. They thrive under optimal soil conditions making it possible to harvest mistletoe from them regularly.

Subspecies: Hardwood mistletoe
Host tree: Oak (lat. Quercus)
Scope of ingredients: It shows a high content of lectins and viscotoxins.