About Iscador AG

We are a pharmaceutical company that manufactures and scientifically researches plant-based preparations for integrative cancer treatment. This is how we aim to provide support to medical professionals, patients and their relatives, and to contribute to a better quality of life. Our holistic approach focuses not only on the disease but on each person as an individual.

Powered by the force of nature and the knowledge gained from over 70 years of research at Hiscia Institute, we work relentlessly to further develop our remedies. It is our ambition to enhance the potential of integrative cancer therapy and to complement conventional medicine in the best way possible. It is equally important for us to share scientific findings with healthcare professionals in order to optimally support them in treating their patients.

“We believe in the joint power of nature and th ehuman being in creating hope and confidence for individuals affected by cancer.”

The Executive Board of Iscador AG

The people behind Iscador AG

We employ around 100 people in the departments of Manufacturing, Research & Development and Medicine & Communications. The division heads together form the Group Executive Board. They will give you a representative insight into our departments – as introducing all our employees to you would go well beyond the scope of this web page.

Dr. Gerhard Schaller
Dr. Gerhard Schaller

Member of the Executive Board, Head of Manufacturing

Dr. Stephan Baumgartner
Dr. Stephan Baumgartner

Member of the Executive Board, Head of Research & Development

Sarah Monz
Sarah Monz

Member of the Executive Board, Head of Medicine & Communications

Once upon a time …

Iscador AG is a spin-off of Hiscia Institute, a research institution that has been dedicated to the research and production of natural medicinal preparations against cancer since 1949. But our history already started in 1917 with the physician Ita Wegman and the first mistletoe preparation “Iscar”, which is still essential for our mistletoe preparations today. Learn more about our rich history, which spans over a century.

We are looking for you!

More and more people wish for complementary, natural medical preparations. Therefore, we are constantly searching for open-minded personalities who could enrich our company with their innovation, expert knowledge and motivation as we journey into the future.