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Apple tree

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Deciduous trees dynamically convert substances, which can also be seen in the falling leaves in autumn, and therefore show an affinity to the human metabolic area. The lovely blossoms and round, colourful fruits of the apple tree also indicate a strong connection to reproduction processes. These details are significant for the use of this host tree.

For many people, the apple tree with its blossoms in spring, its green leaves in summer and its ripe fruits in autumn also symbolizes the essence of rhythm and life, of awareness and decision. Apple tree mistletoe was the first to be used in gynaecology by Ita Wegman in 1917, and thus draws from the longest-standing experience in integrative cancer treatment.

Subspecies: Hardwood mistletoe
Host tree: Apple tree (lat. Malus)
Scope of ingredients: Apple tree mistletoe shows a balanced ratio of lectins and viscotoxins.