Manufacturing Process

Not only are local production, quality and artisanal processes important to us – they characterise our daily work. We are proud to be responsible for every single step in the development of our preparations and to literally have them in our own hands: From manual cultivation to the harvest several years later, up to the assembling of each individual package.


In between, however, there is an important processing step that only our special machine can perform: The “turning” of the summer and winter extracts of mistletoe. In a complex process, those two extracts are combined twice a year to produce our mistletoe remedies.


Follow mistletoe on its way to a medicinal product:

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Quality Management

There is a lot of manual work involved, from harvesting to the selection of the plant parts and the packaging of the ampoules. Additionally, we use complex machines and production lines. But all our processes are subject to the strict guidelines of For us, this includes compliance with the industry standards “Good Manufacturing Practice” and “Good Distribution Practice”.

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) refers to guidelines for quality assurance of the processes and environment in the production of medicinal products and active ingredients, quality control and storage. These are central to pharmaceutical manufacturing, as deviations can have a direct impact on the efficacy and safety of a drug and thus on the health of a patient. GMP ensures that remedies are produced according to reliable standards and that they are continuously tested to be consistent with their intended use and in compliance with drug approval.

Good Distribution Practice (GDP)

The “Good Distribution Practice of Medicinal Products for Human Use” (GDP) is a guideline issued by the European Commission. Its purpose is to ensure the quality and integrity of medicinal products throughout the entire supply chain, from storage to pharmacy.


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