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It all started more than 100 years ago with the first mistletoe preparation “Iscar” developed by Ita Wegman. Thanks to ongoing research over decades, it has developed into the preparations we use today. However, we do not only produce remedies from mistletoe, but also from other plants, such as Icelandic moss.

Product Range

For integrative cancer treatment, we offer a large number of plant-based preparations. Our wide range of host trees, dosages and a product line with the addition of metal salts helps us to respond to many patients’ needs. We also produce aqueous mistletoe drops, a cream based on fat-soluble mistletoe components, and a preparation from Icelandic moss.

Our Plants

Mistletoe was already in the ancient world used as a treatment for various diseases. For over 100 years it has been used in integrative cancer therapy. Various studies prove the effects of this unique plant.

In addition to mistletoe preparations, we also produce a solution from Icelandic moss (lat. Cetraria islandica). Our research team also investigates other established medicinal plants, such as the Christmas rose (lat. Helleborus niger).


The plants for our remedies grow in Switzerland, Germany and France. When we harvest them, we strongly focus on the highest pharmaceutical quality and sustainability, in order to secure supplies in times of climate change.

There is a lot of manual work involved, from harvesting to the selection of the plant parts and the packaging of the ampoules. Additionally, we use complex machines and production lines.


From Arlesheim we go out into the world – we not only provide services to Switzerland and Germany, but through our partnerships we are also able to support medical professionals in integrative tumor treatment in many other countries.



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