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The following pages will provide information for healthcare professionals. Due to international rules and regulations pertaining to drugs used in cancer treatment, you need to verify your status as a medical professional to access the following pages

Professionals Section

Please enter your DocCheck login in the following login mask. If this is not automatically displayed due to your data protection settings, please click on “Load content”.

New to DocCheck?

DocCheck is an international platform authenticating the credentials of medical professionals in order to give them access to restricted information meant for professionals only, and offering access to continuing medical education tools. Register yourself to get access to all our content and services for medical professionals:

  1. Open doccheck.com/register to create your free DocCheck account. There is a language switch at the bottom of the page on the left side.
  1. Enter your personal information and upload a document verifying your medical credentials. Verification of your information may take a few days.
  1. After having received your approval, you can to use your DocCheck login to access DocCheck services as well as many other educational resources online.

Use your DocCheck login to log into Iscador’s professional’s section and have free access to all our services.



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